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(Double Wall Construction)
(Static Reducing Bag)
The B30000 model bag is the workhorse of our range. This bag can carry up to 1.5MT SWL, is versatile, cost effective and able to be used for Single or Multiple Trips. The B10000 is a unique square or circular base bag which can be lifted either as a 4, 2 or single loop bag once filled. This is because of its top draw rope design used for packing pellet materials including cement, fertiliser, grain, resin and waste.
The B35000 varies from the B30000 in its construction. This bag has been designed for the packing of abrasive/coarse materials that may damage the outer wall of the bag. The B35000 uses 2 layers of fabric for the body of the bag to provide better protection to the outer wall of the bag from abrasive contents. This model is a cost effective way of moving materials from the mining and quarrying industries.   The B80000 CNC Baffled Bag, has been developed primarily for better utilisation of shipping containers but can be used wherever products are being packed which are of low bulk density and of high value. This greater utilisation of the bags footprint is achieved by a design that limits bag sidewall bulging.
Both the B50000 and B70000 models are best suited for applications where it is necessary to carry more than 1.5MT in each bag. These two models can carry up to 2MT SWL, are versatile, and able to be used for Single or Multiple Trips.   The B90000 bag has been designed for use in volatile environments where a spark (in the case of the bag, built-up static electricity) could result in the ignition of a volatile atmosphere.

Prior to deciding on the bag model that would best suit your application please contact us and we will be happy to work with you in the selection of the model best suited to your needs.