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Liners (or large plastic bags) can be supplied in roll form or pre-fitted into our Bulk Bags. In 99% of all cases the Liners we supply are used for lining Bulk Bags to protect the product being packaged from the ingress of moisture or any foreign matter.

Liners vary in their design to suit the application at hand from single to multiple layers and variations in composition.



  • LDPE, HDPE, Nylon, MDPE, LDPE-Nylon-LDPE, etc.


  • 0.03-0.2mm (the thickness varies as per fabric width)


  • Small Bag (40 - 80cm)
  • Big Bag (160 - 220cm)
  • Agricultural Bag (600cm Tube)

Liner types

  • Form Fit Liner, Gusset Liner, Anti-static Liner, Complex Liner (LDPE-Nylon), General Liner

Methods of supply

  • Roll, cut to length, continuous or sealed