Australian Pet Food Manufacturing

The pet food market continues to grow year-on-year, sized at $94.76B USD in 2021 and expected to expand further to 2030. Consumer care for their pets and changing views on animal welfare and their place as “part of the family”, as well as awareness of pet-related nutrition and health benefits, have contributed positively to the pet food industry.

The quality of pet food is of key concern to the majority of pet owners, with specialty pet retailers competing with major supermarket chains with the supply of premium pet brands.

Australia is well-known for their pet food production and quality pet food ingredients. Single protein products with kangaroo, salmon, beef or chicken are all sourced from Australia and used to create optimal diets for dogs, cats and even birds.

Bulk Packaging for Pet Food

Pet food manufacturing in Australia can have complex requirements throughout the supply chain for the handling and packaging of pet food (both wet and dry) and pet food ingredients (including fresh produce like meat and vegetables, as well as dry goods such as rice and grains).

Often ingredients for pet food are created in one location, then shipped to a manufacturing plant where the pet food products are created. They may then have to be transported again to a final location where pet food is packed into retail packaging for the final sale to consumers.

Bulk Bags /FIBCs are utilised for the transportation of bulk ingredients and products between key manufacturing sites, as they can carry from one tonne to multiple tonnes of material, while providing an effective means of handling via forklifts and/or crane systems. Bulk bags are also key for intermediate storage of product between the manufacturing and final packing stages.
As many pet food manufacturers work within food-grade facilities, it is vital that the bulk bags used for these pet food products are also food grade. In these instances, Clean Room bags should be utilised for the required level of quality control and assurance. It is important that the bulk bags/FIBCs used are certified to the correct standards, for continued pet food safety from time of manufacturing through to time of packing.

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