Our commitment to better packaging practices

Since the beginning of 2022, Crasti & Co. have been a division of Close the Loop Group- a company that provides circularly integrated services that deliver high value to clients looking for more sustainable solutions both at a commercial and retail level.

Close the Loop Group supply and manufacture packaging with end of life in mind, while providing industry leading take-back and recovery programs for hard-to-recycle products such as printer cartridges, cosmetics, e-waste and soft plastics. This provides a key end market for these materials which is key for working towards a circular economy.

Crasti & Co. engage with clients and can provide take-back initiatives for businesses who wish to recover and recycle their Bulk Bag and Woven PP products at eventual end of life, ensuring materials are reused rather than go to landfill.


For information on Close the Loop Group, visit the website here, or get in touch with us today.