Clean Room

Crasti & Co. understand the importance of Clean Room bulk bags as part of the food manufacturing and processing supply chain. We have set a high standard for our Clean Room products that ensure optimal food safety.

Our clean room facility has multiple processes for limiting contamination and multiple quality control checkpoints to monitor these processes. All of our bulk bags are manufactured in a single, Clean Room Facility to eliminate all potential contamination issues.



Large range of sizes and configurations available

Single Trip and Multi Trip options

Customisable and printing options available

All FIBC’s (Bulk Bags) are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with Australian Standards AS3668-2019 and are UV stabilised.

In addition our manufacturing facility is accredited to ISO 9002, ISO 22000, BRC (inc HACCAP)

The bulk bags are manufactured from food contact approved raw materials.

The sewing thread utilised in our bulk bags is coloured, for identification within a food preparation environment.

Bulk Bag internal liners (if required) are produced using blue tint polyethylene, for the purpose of identification in a food manufacturing environment.